Francois Beaurain


Sky Painting

France, 2014

Sky painting is a collection of animated and light painting experiments with kites. These images were shot during summer 2014 in Soulac-sur-Mer in southwest of France. The light paintings were done at night with a LED lamp tight to the kite.

Thanks to Julien Ordan, Pierre Ordan and Arthur Debelle for their help.

The Skunk Pot : The ‘Sky painting’ project by Francois Beaurain
The creators project : LED-Enhanced Kites Paint The Sky With Dazzling Light Art
LED inside : French photographer creates stunning light painting with LED kites.


Sky Painting #06 -Infinity symbol

gif, kite, soulac, infinite symbol

Sky Painting #01

kite, light painting, LED, sky painting


Sky Painting #02

LED, Sky painting, light painting, kite


Sky Painting #07- squaring the circle

I think the problem is solved now...

gif, kite, squaring the circle, soulac


Sky Painting #09a- feathered serpent

kite, image stacking, feathered serpent


Sky Painting #09b- feathered serpent

gif, kite, feathered serpent


Sky Painting #09- suspended timelapse

kite, gif, timelapse



Sky Painting #13

kite, gif, animated picture


Sky Painting #14

light painting, sky painting, kite


Sky Painting #15

kite, sky painting, light painting, soulac sur mer


Sky Painting #16