Francois Beaurain




Nollywood collages

Since 2013

When Europeans first came to Benin City and discovered its 16,000 km wall, they did not understand it was organized around a fractal design and thus thought it was primitive and disorganized. Our understanding of the world phenomenon of Nollywood is more and less the same. Each year, Nigeria produced thousands of movies of different types and qualities. This profusion and variety of movies makes Nollywood hard to apprehend.

The collages presented here were made exclusively out of original movie posters coming from Nigerian (sometimes Liberian and Ghanaian) movie industry. I buy my posters directly from the marketers, then cut them and paste them together according to geometrical patterns.






Ojukwu the warlord 3&4, Ø 200 cm, Makoko, Nigeria, 2015

collage, nollywood, nigeria, makoko


The great hunter : collage 160cm x 160cm, 2014

great hunter, collages, nollywood, beaurain,


Marie - collage 40cm x 30cm, 2013


marie, mary, nollywood, collage, beaurain, lagos, liberia, monrovia


Tears : collage 100cm x 100cm, 2013


The trip, 150 cm x 120 xm, 2016

nollywood, the trip, poster, collage, blue




nollywood, poster, collage, Escher, Liberia, cinema



Black bible: collage 100 cmx 200cm

nollywood, poster, collage, black bible, Liberia, Nigeria, cinema




Fazebook babes - Collage Ø 200 cm

fazebook babes, nollywoodn collage